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    Why BRAVOURE Cycling Wear?

    The idea

    The first idea for the cycling clothing brand BRAVOURE was born at the end of 2019. Daniël Velsen - the person behind the brand - believes that having fun and enjoying nature by bicycle is possible without destroying the earth and its valuable resources. As an avid cyclist, he thought that we should be doing things differently. If we and future generations want to continue cycling in nature - which should therefore be dear to us - then we must not only consciously protect it, but also actively clean it and keep it clean.

    His passion for cycling and nature made him decide to start a cycling clothing brand where sustainability is paramount. The bicycle market is a fast-growing market, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19. Many clothes are made from polyester, lycra and other similar fabrics. These fabrics are made from oil and chemicals are often used to make them water-repellent and/or antibacterial. The production is therefore very polluting and, moreover, the oil supply is finite. In addition, the "plastic soup" in our oceans is a very big problem. By using fabrics made from recycled materials, we tackle a number of these negative aspects in one go. It is also noticeable that the existing brands are not making the switch to the use of recycled materials or if they are making it, it is very slowly. Also, they bring more and more new models and designs to the market every season. This while today there is more and more awareness about conscious consumption and more and more recycled materials are becoming available.

    The name

    The word BRAVOURE [bra · vou · re] has two meanings:

    1. Courage, bravery
    2. Confident skill

    This term refers to us as cyclists but also simply as a person. You need courage/bravery to develop your skills on the bike but also to get further in your life, hobby, work and so on. But it also refers to the courage for doing things differently than usual. In all of this it is important that you believe in yourself and your skills.

    Think about this every time you wear your BRAVOURE clothing. Hopefully it will help you to go that extra mile!

    The collections

    The goal for the coming years is to develop three collections. The first collection, called Rouleur, is already a reality and available through this website. This is the collection for the woman or man who loves cycling and is looking for cycling clothing that is comfortable and functional. So, with a fit that is not only tailored to the (semi) professionals. For this type of rider, the Coureur collection will be introduced at a later date. This collection has a tighter fit - with, for example, also longer sleeves and legs - and the clothing will consist of a combination of different fabrics that are tailored to a higher level of effort. Finally, we have not forgotten the adventurous types on the mountain or gravel bike. For these riders we will bring out the Graveur collection. This collection will consist of clothing aimed at off-road riding. So, for example baggy shorts, cycling shorts with extra storage options and jerseys with a loose fit.

    The similarity between the three collections is that they are permanent collections and sustainability is included in all aspects. The fit and functional details are tailored to the intended use and type of rider group. We deliberately keep the design sober and timeless, and we use high-quality recycled materials as much as possible. In doing so, we adhere to a few basic principles.

    • The shorts and the details, such as the zippers, will always be black. The reason behind this principle is that it allows us to purchase relatively small quantities at a time, because black is (almost) always a basic collection product. This also makes it readily available, and it never goes out of style. And because we use it in all our products, we never have to throw anything away because it is obsolete. In addition, black can of course be combined with just about all other colours.
    • On the other hand, we will offer the jerseys in a wide range of colours, so that everyone can find something that suits them. The jerseys are made in uni colours so that they are timeless and can be worn for several seasons. With us you won’t see a new print every season.
    • As for the fit. As indicated, this is tailored to use for each collection and a permanent value. We will only update/improve it if necessary or if you ask for it.

    In the section on slow fashion, we further discuss important aspects such as sustainability, ethical responsibility and lasting.

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