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    Besides yourself, also keep your cycling kit and our planet in good condition!

    To prolong the life of your garment and enjoy it to the max, it’s important to pay attention to the care instructions.
    With the below recommendations and tips we’ll help you in keeping your garment in good condition, while also taking the environment into consideration.

    Washing & Drying

    • A separate first short cold wash of your new garment is recommended.
    • Use a washing bag to prevent synthetic microfibers from shedding and entering our rivers and oceans. When you also want to wash items with velcro, use a separate washing bag for these items. They can cause damage to other clothing inside the washing machine.
    • Don’t dry clean your garment but use an efficient washing machine (for example A+++ European energy labelling). The programs of these washing machines use less water and energy.
    • Before washing, pre-sort your laundry to the type of treatment (washing program and temperature) and colour.
    • In case your garment is very dirty and full with mud, rinse it with cold water before putting it in the washing machine.
    • Don’t overload your washing machine.
    • Wash your garment immediately (and only) after wearing it. If it is wet and it cannot be washed immediately, hang it to dry before you wash it.
    • Empty all pockets and close all zips.
    • Turn your garment inside out. This way the visible side is protected against rubbing in the washing machine and it will stay looking pretty as long as possible.
    • Wash your garment at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures don’t automatically mean a cleaner result, it actually harms the elasticity of the fabric(s). Besides it isn’t eco-friendly either as higher temperatures use considerably more energy. In addition, most detergents and modern washing machines clean your laundry just as well on lower temperatures by using the appropriate washing program (gentle/sport).
    • Spin-dry gentle, not at the highest setting. Your garment is made from quick-drying materials, so it doesn’t absorb a lot of water.
    • Don’t tumble dry. Air-dry your garment immediately after washing. Put it on a hanger to dry and avoid hanging it in the full sun. Natural drying doesn’t cost any energy and your garment will keep its shape and last longer too.
    • Don’t iron your garment. These kinds of fabrics hardly crease and the heat of the iron could harm the fabric(s). So don’t waste the energy and save yourself the effort. 

    Pay extra attention to the detergent

    • Use an appropriate detergent for synthetic fabrics.
    • Always follow the dosing instructions. Using too much detergent will not only have a negative impact on the environment, but also on your garment. It leaves a buildup of soap residue that traps odors in clothes after being washed and it will give bacteria the chance to grow. The result is that your clothes will start smelling badly again in no time.
    • Don’t use a fabric softener. Fabric softener will leave a soft coating on the fabric fiber - which is nice for your warm sweaters and your bedding - but terrible for your sportswear. This coating is not only making your sportswear less absorbent, but it also makes it harder for water and detergent to properly clean the fabric while washing.
    • Don’t use bleach or a universal detergent which contains oxygen for bleaching purposes. Besides that you may experience a loss of colour in your garments, these are also very harmful to the the environment.
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