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    Recycled and plastic free packaging, sustainably delivered.

    We want to produce as little promotional and packaging waste as possible. At the same time, we want to limit the CO2 emissions the production of these materials brings and prevent the use of new raw materials, plastics, and harmful substances.

    Promotional material

    That’s why, amongst others, we don’t use hangtags. All information can be found on our website. With our orders we only send a small thank you card. On this card our philosophy is explained in short, and it has a QR code on it. This code leads to the explore part – the part where you are now – on our website, to create more awareness about sustainability. This card is made from Paperwise Earth Pact Natural, paper made from 100% agricultural waste. Normally this material would be burnt, but now it has been recycled into paper.

    Packaging Materials

    To protect the clothing inside the RePack bag – more about this reusable shipping bag further on – we use a kraft paper made from 100% recycled paper. The advantage is that no new/extra land has to be used to grow trees for the paper production, it can be used for other more important things. The sticker to close the paper is made from the same material as the thank you card, so 100% agricultural waste. The glue on it is BioTAK. This glue is the first certified compostable glue in the world. It gets broken down in 90 days but can also be recycled together with the paper. Our printer – Groenprint – compensates the CO2 that is produced during the printing through planting trees.

    One of the fastest/best ways to save CO2 is to produce less disposable packaging materials. That is why we have chosen for the RePack shipping bag. It is made from a single type of recycled plastic. This ensures that at the end of its useful life it can be easily recycled. But the main advantage is that it saves 80% of CO2 compared to a cardboard box after 20 shipping cycles. It works like this. We pack your new cycling kit in the RePack. After you have received your package, you can simple fold the RePack, with the return address label visible, and drop it in the nearest mailbox. The Repack goes back to the supplier to be cleaned, after which it can be ordered again by us.


    To limit the CO2 that is produced during transport we work with Italian suppliers as much as possible. Our production facilities are located in the north of Italy, and we source the needed materials as close to the factory as possible. For instance, we use Italian fabrics, chamois pads, elastics, etc. The only item that comes from the Far East is the YKK zipper. The reason behind this is that the zipper is an important part of our jerseys, and we don’t want to compromise on quality. And as YKK is simply the best zipper in the world we have no alternative.

    As you have read, we don’t use any plastics in the packages to you as a consumer. Unfortunately, we do use plastic to protect the clothing against getting dirty during transport from the factory to our office in the Netherlands. It’s recycled plastic, but that is not good enough for us. We want to be completely plastic free when it comes to our packaging. That’s why we are working on a reusable fabric bag that exactly fits into the cardboard boxes used by the factory. These bags will contain the clothing in bulk and protect them against getting dirty just like the plastics bags, with the benefit that they can be reused over and over again.

    The final part in the shipping process is the journey of the clothing to you. In order to cut CO2 emissions in this process we work with Groenbezorgen – in cooperation with fietskoeriers.nl – for the Netherlands. These bike couriers deliver the packages by bike in more and more cities in the Netherlands. This results in 60% less CO2 emission on the total journey of your order in comparison to delivery by van. Outside the cities, they work together with a traditional motorised courier. By working together smartly, your package is being sent with a courier who already has other deliveries to do in your area. This way there are no extra CO2 emissions involved. This makes them the greenest delivery partner within the Netherlands.

    For international shipping we use DPD. DPD strives for 100% carbon neutral deliveries for years. They are continuously working on development of new environmentally friendly ways of delivery and compensate the inevitable CO2 emissions. In addition, DPD has more than 46.000 Pickup parcelshops. During ordering you can choose to have your order delivered at the nearest Pickup parcelshop. We recommend you to select this choice; it decreases CO2 emission and you can pick up your order whenever it suits you!

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